Ẹlẹ́wà (eh-leh↑-wah↓) is a word in Yorùbá that means "beautiful one" or "elegant". 

This is my mission for every piece I create - to design beautiful words that touch both the mind and heart.

The Process


We first define the goals for the design, which include but are not limited to: desired colors, themes, content, 

published location, purpose, and timeline


Exploration of the space as it is now is consolidated into a mood board to further hone in on desired feel, look, elements, and color. This helps to aid discussion in selecting and solidifying design direction.


Three detailed thumbnails are presented from extensive ideation for further evaluation. Two revisions are included before moving on to the next stage.


Final concept is digitized and several design variations, decorative details, and color choices are explored. Two revisions are included before the final design is chosen for the next stage.


The chosen concept is flushed out and presented in its final form and color variations, delivered in a package that includes font and color choices if needed.

The Artist

My name is Grace Amos, a creative strategist who enjoys working closely with dreamers, visionaries, and entities to create engaging visual content.


Lettering is more than just an art form. It's the epitome of the intersection between form and function, and I never get tired of the many ways words and form communicate thought, emotion, and identity.


My style is a combination of traditional methods and authentic expression. I specialize in serif and calligraphic lettering, working hard to understand the goal of the piece in order to bring out its heart in color, form, and structure.


Inquiries, questions, or just want to say hello? Drop a line - I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Until then,


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grace.am117@gmail.com  |  Tel: 650-649-3353

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