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DESIGN BRIEF- Goals for the design, desired colors, themes, or content. Also discussing final location and purpose for the design and timeline


Client - Damien Dendy; Owner

Timeline - 12/24-31

Project - Logo revision



Starting from the first logo, adjust the style and theme to fit the new name, Xclusive Cutz


Needs to be used in physical spaces and a wide variety of scales: t-shirts, the store front, and business cards. 


Elements to keep in the redesign: circular logo, scissor/razor elements, lettering scale, but may change the style based on research

Conclusion - The goal is to keep as close to the original logo as possible while allowing for other elements to inform and improve the redesign. Also requested was information about trademarking the logo; the delivery will include the final logo as well as research about next steps in terms of applying the logo to physical spaces as well as trademarks.

Completed Dec. 24

RESEARCH - Mood board creation to further hone in on desired feel, look, elements, and color. Ends with further conversation to select and solidify design direction.

The images below represent a subset of existing logos and logotypes that fit the existing style and niche of the original logo. Also included are investigations into more minimalistic approaches, icon approaches, and lettering styles (particularly script letterforms). What was fun to discover was the prevalence of "Cutz" in barber shop names.

Certain themes from the research were highlighted as potential directions  for the logo. Holistically, the logo should be able to "fit" among this subset of logos

Conclusion - I want to work a lot in this script space, but also look at expanding the current approach to reevaluate order and element integration in the letters

Completed Dec. 28

SKETCHES - Initial ideas and brainstorming based on conversation, research, and best practices. Three detailed thumbnails are chosen to further develop before a final design is chosen for stage 4.

Based on the research and previous experience with the client, I worked through a brainstorming session, evaluating style, form, structure, and decorative elements. I knew from before that the simpler the better, and so from the 12 concepts generated during brainstorming, I chose 6 to further develop to present to the client for his final choice, one of them being a direct adjustment of the previous logo.

Option 5, the one closest associated with the previous design, was chosen as the final concept to move forward with. 

Completed Dec 30

DIGITAL EXPLORATION - Final concept is digitized and several design variations, decorative details, and color choices are explored. The final design is chosen for stage 5

In Progress

FINAL DESIGN + DELIVERY - The chosen concept is flushed out and presented in its final form and color variations, delivered in a package that includes font and color choices if needed.

Scheduled for Dec 30