• Grace Amos

Behind the Letters

Sourced from Unsplash

I'd argue that letterforms are the purest example of the intersection between form and function. On the one hand, their form defines their function and vice versa. On the other hand, whether they be Roman or Chinese or Russian or Egyptian characters, the possibilities are quite literally endless. Letters are everywhere: signs, magazine covers, logos, the text you're reading at this moment, and in each place the letters are designed to enhance your experience and engagement with that platform. There is a rare yet ever increasing group of individuals, of artists, who specialize in the creation, development and actualization of these letterforms. They do this by weaving creativity with communication, and function with delight.

There are many forms that this "art-cipline" takes: analog, digital, lettering, calligraphy, fine art, design, large and small scale. No matter the means or the medium, the value of lettering as an artcipline is its gift of enabling visual communication between an entity, whether it be a conglomerate or an individual, and the audience. Successful communication creates connection, and connection is what drives growth and development. But it was the connection alone, and particularly the connection I gained with myself, that brought me to the table to learn about this craft. Now, I am excited to dive into the opportunity to serve others as a lettering and calligraphy artist.

My niche is in custom prints, working with serif lettering and broad-edge nib calligraphy. I enjoy being able to work with people to find the form that best promotes the function of the words they want to see: whether it's a personal reminder, a gift of encouragement for others, or a way to bring their customers' attention to items of import. My goals are to include in my offerings logo design, mural creation, multi-material products and live calligraphy demonstrations. I'd love for you to follow along as I grow to reach my goals, or to reach out and see how we can work together to bring the beauty and function of beautiful letterforms to you and your needs.

Until then,